Thursday, September 25, 2008

News and more news

Well it's been a while since I've posted anything but it's because we have been super busy! Just to catch everyone up on things the 1st thing is that Ethan is definitley crawling now. He started crawling on the day he turned 9 months old. It was so funny watching his little body just move across the floor. Right away he noticed the cable box and dvd player and can't seem to keep his hands off the buttons. No matter how many times we say no, he continues to touch them. I've started to put something in front of the boxes so he wouldn't be tempted to touch the buttons, but if we're watching TV, we can't change the channel b/c we're covering up the sensor.
Another major thing that has happened is that we just moved into our very 1st home on Sept 15! We are so thrilled to finally own our very 1st home. We've only been in here for about a week and half and are still unpacking boxes. It amazes me that we were able to fit all of our stuff in a 2 bedroom apartment for so long. I definitely keep myself busy with trying to organize everything and keeping an eye on Ethan as he explores the house. I can't say I actually get much done during the day but I try not to worry about it. The last major thing that has happened is that I'm pregnant again! I am about 12 weeks along and I am feeling pretty good. I haven't had morning sickness like I did with Ethan which is causing me to just eat whatever. This is not good! I am trying to eat healthy like I did with Ethan but it's been really hard. The due date is April 10 and we're really excited and nervous at the same time.
Well, I'll try and update this blog more often but these days I've had hardly anytime to sit down and think!