Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Well it's been a while since I last posted anything but just thought I'd talk about Ethan & Jayden a little bit. Ethan's been saying a lot of words alot now. His main words that he'll say are: Ball, truck, car, kitty, ear, mouth, teeth, no, thank you, please, oh no, uh oh, juice, cookie (haha), ow (when he is playing & hurts himself) & he'll make noises for a cow, dog, monkey, lion, & elephant. Whenever we'll ask him to say something he actually will say it or at least try. It's a lot of fun b/c of how he says things. He still has a lot of energy and it seems to come out more and more each day! Just recently he's been loving to throw his ball at us & he seems to have a pretty good arm. The only problem is, he is also throwing other toys and has been known to throw them at other kids. Everyday I think I tell him not to throw toys and I have discipline him but it hasn't quite clicked yet b/c he thinks it's funny. He does seem to understand us more when we tell him no. Sometimes when Ish tells him no, Ethan will just give him this look like, "I'm really going to test you to see if you'll do anything". It's amazing how much they really know at such a young age. Despite the disciplining, we're really enjoying this stage that Ethan's in. He's learning so much and loves to makes us laugh.
Jayden is 5 months now and I can't believe how fast time is flying with him. He's rolling over both ways now and loves to put stuff in his mouth. If he doesn't have a pacifier or a toy then he usually is sucking on his hands. He's such a good baby and is always happy. He's still sleeping in our room and want to put him in Ethan's room. I haven't figured out the best way to do that but I'm thinking about putting Ethan in his toddler bed but not sure he's quite ready. I guess we'll never know unless we try! I'm hoping that it'll be a good transition and that the boys will like sharing a room. They do go to bed about the same time and at least one of Jayden's naps falls with Ethan's. The only thing is that Jayden only naps about an hr at a time. He rarely takes a 2 hr nap and i worry that it'll mess up Ethan's nap. And when Ethan is awakened too is not a good sight! That boy needs at least 2 hrs and does better with 3 but that only happens like once a week. So anyways, we'll eventually get them together once I feel it'll be easy. It might happen once Jayden sleeps through the night and right now he still likes to wake up about every 3 hrs.
It's amazing how much my boys are changing every day. Some days are more challenging than others and then are days that go really well. I pray everyday that God will give me the wisdom to make the right choices as their mother.