Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Another update

So I realize that it's been forever since I've blogged. I just don't take the time to sit down and blog, instead I fill my time with silly games on facebook. Things like farmville, sorority life, and cafe world have consumed most of my time.
Jayden is 6 months now and I can't get believe how fast he is growing! He is scooting all over the place. I like to watch him scoot across the floor to reach for a certain toy. He gets so excited and it just makes me laugh. We have started feeding him solids now and he's doing pretty well. So far he likes peas and carrots and not a fan of rice or oatmeal. I'm determined to get him to like oatmeal so I'm trying to introduce it a couple of times a day so that he'll get used to it. Jayden is still nursing about every 3 hrs. He continues to wake up in the middle of the night quite often to eat but I'm pretty sure he's comfort feeding. We just have to get over that stage of him falling back asleep on his own which I don't enjoy doing. It's a lot harder with 2 b/c you don't want one to wake the other when they cry. So when Jayden wakes up crying at night, naturally I hurry to calm him down and many times it requires me to nurse him. I'm trying not to stress about it like I did with Ethan becauase I know he will eventually be a good sleeper. We are also in the transition of trying to get him to take a bottle and will eventually get him to take formula. I am having my wisdom teeth taken out in a couple of weeks and since I'm going to be on pain med. I'm not going to be able to nurse. I haven't decided if I want to wean him now or not. I thought I'd be ready but I'm not sure that I am.
ON another note, we've finally gotten Ethan's toddler bed together and in his room. My plan is to get him used to having it in his room and let him lay and play on it and then we'll try the transition. I'm really nervous about this transition b/c he loves his crib. He hasn't tried climbing out of it so technically I could keep in there for a while but I really want to put Jayden in there. It also makes me nervous to think about putting them in the same room together but one step at a time.
Ethan's been talking a lot more now and sometimes he'll just jabber on and on about who knows what. It's very cute though. I love when he's watching his shows and then shouts out what he sees. One funny thing that he does is point out trash whenever he sees it. I was getting him out of the car one day and he saw a line of trash cans and points and says trash. yep my son knows exactly what a trash can looks like haha.
Well it's way pass my bed time and I realize I could go on and on about my boys b/c they are just so precious! I'll try to not allow so much time to pass the next time I blog.