Tuesday, February 24, 2009

When funds are tight...

I'm so excited about the $ I saved at CVS that I just had to blog about it. But 1st let me back up and say that we've really been tight on funds recently and especially since there's a new baby coming along and so I'm determined to do everything I can to save any kind of $ when I go to the grocery store. Recently there were these 2 woman on Good Morning America explaining how they get coupons for things and explain how to use them. These women end up saving tons of $ when they go to the store. They've created a website with links on where to get coupons and also tips on how to save $. I was very interested in their stories so I decided to check it out and do some smart shopping on my own. First I went and bought the Sunday paper and clipped out coupons of things that I could use and then I started going through the fliers of different stores for that week. I looked at the items that were on sale at Target, Kroger and CVS and wrote down what I could buy from them and then I compared the items to see who had the best offer. All 3 stores were advertising Pampers to be on sale and suprisingly CVS had the best offer. I had also gotten a coupon off my receipt from a previous purchase that would save me $5 off $15 or more purchase, so right then I knew I could save more $ by buying the diapers at CVS. CVS also had their tissues on sale for buy 1/1 free and some toothe paste for 88 cents! Because I needed both these items I decided to purchase them there. While I was there I also noticed that they had chips ahoy cookies on sale for buy 1/1 free so I couldn't pass that up! I ended up buying 2 packs of diapers for $14.99 each, 2 boxes of tissues, 2 things of cookies, & toothe paste all for $33.00. Because I had my CVS card and an extra coupon, I saved almost $20! so if you think about it, I basically got all the extra items for free after purchasing the diapers! I was so excited and just wanted to share my news with everyone.
So now I am going to plan out my grocery shopping differently so that I can save the most $ where I can. It may mean me going to 3 different stores to do so but in the end it'll be worth it and my husband will appreciate it as well. And now, clipping coupons and searching for them online is like a hobby to me!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The past 30 weeks

So I've just realized that I haven't written anything about our new addition that will be arriving soon. Well to start off this pregnancy has been completely different than it was with Ethan. First of all, it's a completely different time of year and since it isn't warm outside I have no desire to go outside for a walk. I used to walk a lot with Ethan so that I would stay somewhat healthier. So on that note, I have gained weight much faster this time around...which is a little depressing. Plus I crave sweets way all the time and I have to have a cup of coffee every morning. With Ethan I felt nauseaus often so I ate a lot healthier. Because this pregnancy has basically been completely opposite than before, I thought for sure we were going to have a girl but the ultrasound proved us wrong. I was completely shocked when I saw that it was a boy. I was very excited to hear that Ethan was going to have a brother to play with so close to his age. I knew that there had to be some benefit from getting pregnant so early with our 2nd. =)
Overall this pregnancy has gone really well but I have to say I have been a lot more careless, forgetful, and hormonal. In one week I managed to break 2 glasses, my coffee pot, fall down the stairs, and get a flat tire. My husband finally had to sit me down and tell me to really start being more careful b/c he didn't want to know what I'd do next.
So back to the actual baby in my belly. This little boy moves all the time. I feel like this boy never sleeps! But whenever I want to record my stomach moving or get Ish to watch, he's completely still. Sometimes it gets a little aggravating when I'm trying to go to sleep and the arm or leg is poking me on the side. I would love to have a camera in my belly to see what he does all day. Sometimes it feels like he's just dancing with his arms and legs and bopping his head back and forth. Wouldn't that be a sight! Well I'm 30 weeks now and I don't have too much longer to go. I feel like time is flying by and we're going to be meeting our baby boy any day. We've picked out a name (I think) but we haven't agreed on a middle name yet so my husband won't let me reveal any information until the name is complete. It took us forever to agree on a 1st name and that was me begging him almost every day and praying that God would convince him! So hopefully we'll reveal the name soon!
So that's basically what's been going on the past 30 weeks of my 2nd pregnancy. I'm feeling good but a little worried how much more weight I'm going to gain in the next 10 weeks so I'm trying to not give into my cravings but it's really hard!

A social butterfly

Lastnight Ish and I took Ethan to this indoor playground at our church. It's called Kids Cove and it's for all ages. They have an area for toddlers and then they have an area for the bigger kids to climb through tunnels and go down slides. Anyways, we decided to take Ethan there since he's walking now and thought he'd enjoy playing around. His face just lit up as soon as we walked in there. There were kids running all over the place. I was kindof nervous as I sat there watching him walk from one end to the other with children running right past him. The funny thing is, it didn't faze him one bit. He was having a great time just being around all the children. At one point as he was walking around and my husband was following behind him, Ethan would stop at each parent and just stare at them and smile. I couldn't help think that he was being social just like his father. It made me realize that Ethan will probably grow up smiling and talking to people he doesn't know and being that social butterfly. It was very cute to see my husbands greatest qualities being produced in my little boy. It's amazing to me how he has qualities of me and Ishmael. I just hope that we will always be good examples to our children. Just when you think they aren't paying attention, they suprise you with either a phrase you may say or an attitude that is like yours. I guess you could say that parenting really challenges me daily to want to strive to be a woman of God and to be that perfect wife and mother.