Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ethan's vocabulary

Ethan has been saying a lot of new words just recently. He's got a couple of books with pictures of things and after reading to him at night, I started putting those books in his crib. I did this so that he would see these books when he wakes up so that he'll be in a good mood and not scream for me to come get him. Well in the morning I can hear him saying his usual words, ball, truck, uh oh, no, trash. Well recently we've been trying to get him to say eye, nose, mouth, etc. Well he's finally picked up on "eye" and he'll point to his eye. It's so cute because he drags the word out when he says it. Once I saw this I started to try and teach him I love you in sign language. So far he hasn't picked up on it but I'm hoping he will soon.
He's also started to repeat more words to us when we ask him to. A few things he has said:
Water sounds like War, fish sounds like tish, he can count to 3 but skips #1 and says two, tree, kitty, & thank you but know one would be able to understand that's what he's saying.
It's exciting to hear him learning more words and very cute to hear his little voice trying to pronounce them.

Monday, July 20, 2009

My good deals

Yesterday I was able to get out of the house and just do some browsing and decided to check out Big Lots. I don't shop there often but I was on a mission to find a cheap outdoor mat (which they did not have) but as I was looking around, an employee gave me a 20% coupon to use on my entire purchase. So I decided to take advantage of this coupon to get things that I normally don't buy unless I run out of. I ended up getting some shampoo, conditioner, hand soap, loofah, sandwhich bags and a few other things for only $6.00! I was pretty excited for just running into those good deals without me planning it.
Since I've started clipping coupons I am constantly checking the sale fliers for the best deal. My grocery shopping usually consists of me going to Walmart, Kroger, CVS and sometimes Target. Well last week I went to CVS and came across their deal of spending $15 of Kelloggs products then you'll receive $5 in extra bucks. This was a great deal to me b/c this included the kelloggs protein bars which I eat one almost everyday. These are at least $7 a box so to see that they were on sale for $5 a box I couldn't pass up such an offer. I ended up getting 3 boxes of the protein bars and a box of nutrigrain bars as well. They also had a deal on their Gain detergent to receive $2 in extra bucks so I snagged that deal too. It would have been nice to have a coupon to put on top of that but those don't come around too often. I ended up getting $7 worth of coupons back which made me happy. I am planning to get a beach chair with the umbrella and so I'm planning on using those coupons toward that purchase. That's if I make it there before they all sell out. Thing are just so busy at the LaBiosa household that it's not as easy for me to go out shopping like I used to, especially when the boys are with me. I tend to just stay at the house b/c I don't like dealing with all the work of leaving it. I only leave when I absolutely have to!
So that's my deals for last week and I'm constantly checking the papers for even more. Sale and coupon hunting have definitely become addicting!

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July weekend

Ish had Friday off so we decided to go to take the boys and hang out at the lake for the day. We invited a few other friends to tag a long and at 9:00 that morning we headed to the lake. We ended up having a great time and Ethan loved it. It took him a while to get adjusted to walking on the sand and it definitely took him a while to get used to the cold water. He had a great time being able to run around and play with his daddy. We ended up leaving around 3:00 and within 5 min of the drive he was out! This was a huge shocker to us b/c he's not the best traveler. Usually we have to entertain him many different ways just to keep him from whining. He definitely was exhausted from the sun!
Playing with trucks at the lake

Getting used to the water

Worn out!

On Saturday morning Ish decided to take Ethan to the pool to go swimming. I really wanted to go but I took this opportunity to get some cleaning done without any interuptions. But..Jayden decided to not nap as long and wanted alot of attention. I did get a lot done but I was still trying to hurry up before they got back. These days I can never clean without rushing.
That evening we went over to a friends house to have dinner. We ended up staying there until Ethan started getting really tired. We wanted to keep him up to watch the fireworks with us but we weren't sure if he was going to make it. As soon as we got home he found some more energy inside him. Because we live downtown and are close to the baseball stadium we have a descent view of the fireworks that shoot off from the stadium. Every weekend we get to see them and of course hear them but it is neat to watch from our front porch.
So we invited a few ppl to come watch them at our house and while we waited for it to get dark, Ethan loved being able to play outside. He played with his chalk, trucks, & lawn mower. Every now and then he started to whine b/c he was really tired and it was way past his bedtime. We continued to try and hold him off but the whining just got worse. Around 10:00 the fireworks still hadn't started and Ethan was ready for bed so we just put him down. My boy needs his sleep! O well, maybe next year he'll be able to stay up.
The fireworks ended up starting about 15 min after we put him down and they only lasted for about 5 min! We were a little disappointed but it was cool that we could watch them from our porch.
We ended up having a really great weekend spending time with our little family and some friends. We didn't get much sleep but we did have a lot of laughs!

My sweet Jayden

Ethan enjoying a delicious cupcake after dinner!