Sunday, June 27, 2010

Something new!

So I'm excited to say that I have started up a new business of selling Thirty-one products! I have been wanting to do something on the side just to make a little extra so that we could be able to put Ethan into preschool next year. I knew I didn't want to sell jewlrey or make up so when I came across Thirty-one I just fell in love with all their cute products! They specialize in bags but they also do wallets, purses, baskets, and a few other accessories. They also have a few baby items too! Their prices are very reasonable for what you are getting and you can also get the items mongrammed.

I am having my 1st party in July and I'm excited and nervous at the same time. It's always nerve racking to have a party because you want to have a good handful of people to show up! After hosting numerous parties through other companies, I have learned that not everyone likes to go to parties as much as I do. I'm not sure if they just feel like they are going to be pressured to buy anything but I have never felt pressured at any of the parties I have been to. Granted I am tempted to buy lol and most of the time I do! But I enjoy going to parties whether it's jewlrey, pampered chef, or make up. Maybe I enjoy it because it's a way for me to get out of the house and meet up with friends and just try out new things. Especially when it's a close friend of mine hosting one. I love to help others out. So with that said, I hope that I will get a good response at my 1st party as I start this new journey!

Here's my website to check out to see what kinds of products they have and if you are in the area and would like to host a party let me know! or if you'd like to just order something from our catalog I promise you won't be disappointed.
Ok so that's my sales pitch for today! haha

Friday, June 18, 2010

What a week!

This week I have been in Raleigh visiting friends and family. Our best friends had moved to Japan for a business opportunity last year and they came back to the states for vacation to visit their families. We were able to work it out so that we could see them while they were here. So Sunday evening Ish and I drove to Greenville, NC to hang out with our friends without our kids. It was so nice to just have an evening where we could actually enjoy dinner and take our time! The next day they drove to Raleigh with their 2 girls and spent the day with us. We were going to make extensive plans but with naps between our kids we decided to just go to the play area in the mall and have lunch there and then come back to the house so they could nap. While the kids napped (all but suprise there!) Ish and his friend Ryan went and played tennis. Later when the kids woke up we joined them at the pool for some swimming. It maybe lasted an hr lol. Then we came back, ordered pizza and then went out for ice cream later. We had such a great time seeing them again. No matter how much time goes by without us seeing them, we are always able to just pick up where we left off. We catch ourselves saying all the time that we wished they lived closer and that we could see them on a regular basis. Maybe one day we'll be able to live in the same state and country!

Ish has to work a wedding on Saturday and Sunday this weekend in Danville, which is an hr and half away from Raleigh. So..I figured I'd stay in Raleigh through the weekend and meet up with him on Sunday before his wedding. In order for me to not go crazy being on my own at my parents house, I knew I was going to have to keep those boys busy. Everyday we drove somewhere to visit a friend or family, came home for naps and then cooked dinner at the house and went to bed. It doesn't sound like much but boy am I exhausted! I never realized how much I depend on my husband to help me out until he's not around to help.  I really do appreciate him coming home and just playing with the kids while I cook dinner. Trying to cook dinner at my mom's house was a nightmare and a such a challenge. I had Jayden under my feet getting into all the cabinets, pushing buttons on the dvd player, dropping things, crying because he was hungry all at the same time. Then I had Ethan whining because he wanted to go outside and play. That was the day I wished I could've snapped my fingers and dinner would be ready! And yes, I wanted to pull my hair out.
So needless to say, I've had a great time visiting friends and my family but boy do I miss my hubby. I hope I can reflect on this week to remind myself how much I really do appreciate him. I can't wait to squeeze his neck and give him a smooch when I see him! Love you babe!

Friday, June 11, 2010

This is what's been going on...

My boys are growing up so fast and are learning new things everyday. Here's a quick recap of what's going on with each one.
Ethan is learning new things all the time and is soaking up new information like a sponge. It amazes me how quickly he can pick up on things now. Right now we are learning our letters just like every other 2 year old out there. Recently I've been picking a letter for the week and starting him off with some kind of craft resembling that letter. So far we've only made it to B lol.  A few craft ideas that we did was with the letter A, we made an alligator and all week we talked about alligators and happened to see them everywhere in books, tv, and in the store. This week we did the letter B and made a bumble bee since we are seeing them a lot lately. He used to just call them bugs, but now he actually says bee and does the buzzing sound. Because of my type A personality I have to go in order with the alphabet as far as studying each letter. He has picked up on other letters just from learning the alphabet such as I,O,R,S, and T. It's funny b/c some days he'll point them out to me and say them and the other days he acts like he has no idea what I'm talking about. I think he's just playing w/ me. We are also trying to learn all our colors and shapes. This is a little challenging but we're getting there. He knows the colors pink, orange, red, blue, and white. He knows how to draw a circle and can point out a triangle. We've been working on rectangles and squares this week so hopefully he'll get it down. I'm thinking Ethan must be a visual learner like his momma b/c the days that I've actually done a craft or activity with him on a color or shape is when he usually seems to pick up on it quicker.
Other things that he's doing is talking, talking, talking! I love being able to have a conversation with him now and we can understand each other for the most part. The other day when I was feeding him lunch, he was just telling me everything he wanted like a spoon for his macaroni, fork for his hotdog, and ketchup. It just made me smile how well he was communicating. Just another reminder how quickly they grow up!
Jayden is 14 months now and is walking! On Saturday he just started walking around on his own a lot more here and there and then by the time Monday came around he was doing it most of the day. Now my life just got crazier! I hope I can keep up with these wild boys =) Jayden is also eating alot better and not being as picky as he was. For a while he would only eat bread, meat, and some fruit and no veggies. But recently he's started liking macaroni (about time), spaghetti, fish, green beans, and corn. We haven't tried carrots with him in a while so hopefully he'll take to them the next go round. Jayden is also babbling a lot more and trying to form words. I've heard him say dadda, momma, and uh oh. Which isn't alot for his age but it'll come with time!
I wish I had some recent pictures of the boys but I have slacked off on the picture taking. I'll try to do better!