Thursday, September 23, 2010

Prego update

How far along? 26 weeks

Weight gain? Not sure..I forgot to ask the nurse and by the time the doctor came in to do the check up I was so ready to get out of there! BTW, do not take more than 1 child to the doctor with you, especially if you're going to be there over an hr!

Maternity clothes: Yep! and filling them out too!

Sleep: I am always tired so whenever I get a moment to take a nap, I indulge. At night it's great, especially if Jayden doesn't wake up early. He likes to do that occasionally :)

Best moment of this week: Seeing Ethan's face when I pick him up from preschool. He absolutely loves it!

Movement: Yes! He is quite the mover. Lastnight, I felt like he was using me as a punching bag!

Food cravings: I love to watch the cooking channel and one evening Diner's and drivein's was on and watching them cook hamburgers, taco's and all this other delicious stuff made me really want what was on that show! So I settled for the chicken wings in my freezer haha. I specifically craved cream cheese wontons and chocolate eclairs on Sunday and I was a happy woman!

What I'm looking forward to: Still haven't gotten the baby's crib yet so I'm looking forward to at least moving in that direction soon.
My worries and frustrations: I've been trying to think who's going to take care of our boys when the baby is born. It's a difficult time b/c it's near the holidays and lots of friends will have plans or will be out of town. My mom usually tries to come up for a while but she doesn't have any vacation time saved up. So..I'm praying that God will just work it out!



Chicken Wing said...
Is it bad that I loved the fact that you said the words "chicken wings" in this post? :) And being as I just saw you, I can officially say that you are the cutest preggo woman out there!

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

They were yummy!

Just to update you on the recipes that I have been trying out through Lastnight I made their Bacon and cheese quiche, except I tweeked it a little. It called for just cheese and bacon and instead I added some leftover chicken I had from the Chicken Stroganoff meal. Then I added some spinach just so we would have a vegetable to eat. Gotta get those veggies!  Well being that it was my first quiche that I had made, it turned out wonderful. I honestly couldn't stop eating it! Even the boys really liked it. So I will be making that one again!
Tonight I made Tuna casserole. I used to eat this all the time growing up but it was never homemade, always hamburger helper style. Now I try to avoid those boxed meals b/c of the MSG and other chemicals in it. So I was excited to try a homemade version. It actually turned out really good as well. I used macaroni noodles like it called for so when Ish saw the casserole and the broccoli he said, "no meat tonight?" He said this because the boy always has to eat some kind of meat every night. Well he was suprised when I told him we were eating tuna casserole. (He's also not much of a casserole fan either) But he liked it..didn't go for 2nd's but he liked it :)
So that concludes my week #1 following the dinner meal plans on that website. So far I've liked the recipes that I've tried. Because all of it is homemade there are a few ingredients that I have a hard time finding in the store and just choose not to put it in the recipe. And actually I haven't missed them b/c not sure what they taste like anyway haha. Like I said, I pick and choose which ones that I like for that week and then use them when I've run out of my own ideas. This next week looks like it's going to be a good one and might have to try all of them if it doesn't rack up my grocery bill! The good thing about most of these recipes, is that there are always leftovers the next day. So it does stretch the dollar.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Jibber Jabber

What a weekend and it's not even over! I feel like lately it has been nothing but chaos at the LaBiosa household. Ever since we sold Ish's jeep we have been stuck with only 1 vehicle. With that said, we are having to share our car. It's not too bad b/c I have preschool and bible study 3 days out of the week so I'm only stuck in the house for 2 days. But usually those are the days that I NEED to get out with the kids lol.

Honestly I thought we'd have a van by now but this process has definitely been more difficult than I thought it would be. Trying to find something that isn't ancient, affordable, low miles, and a decent color is pretty difficult to find in Lynchburg. I finally just started looking on Craigslist in Raleigh just so we'd have more options. And boy were there more options! The problem is actually getting down there to look at them. With Ish's busy schedule we just hardly have a free weekend where we can travel down and do all the car shopping, especially with the boys. Nothing seems easy for us in this matter. I keep praying that God will just bring us the right van and that we'll just continue to wait for His timing. That's probably why we just haven't had any good options in our area b/c the right one just hasn't become available. So patience here we come!

On that note, God has been doing some great things lately. Ish started up his videography business Ish's Video ( about 2 years ago. He never did any advertising and just passed his business card around and advertised through word of mouth. He eventually started getting some wedding gigs, commercials, and a few other side jobs. Thankfully God continued to provide a job when we needed it.

Well we have been praying for a while now that God would open up more opportunities for us that could bring in some extra income. Recently an opportunity came up where a local wedding company that he had done some work for in the past contacted him. They informed him that they were looking for a new videographer and really liked his work ethic. So after a few days it was settled. They officially hired Ish's Video to be there videographer. This has been a major blessing to us! Well since he's signed with them and built a website, word has just seemed to spread like wild fire! His calendar is already getting full for next year of weddings and video jobs. We are so excited that his business seems to be growing so quickly!

So this explains the chaos in our household. Ish has been super busy with editing weddings and trying to get all the details of his business in place. There have been lots of late nights and lack of sleep. Not to mention some grumpy kids every now and then and a hormonal pregnant wife! It's going to be challenge trying to learn how to balance his full time job, his business, and being a husband and a dad to 3 boys. I know we can do it with prayer. We're just so thankful that God has opened up this door for our lives and I can't wait to see what direction He is leading us.

Now if we can just get that van...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Finally something different

Ok so I don't know about you but I get into these cooking ruts where I have no clue what to cook. I'l stare and stare into my pantry and can't come up with anything. Then I look through my cook books yet another millionith time and still can't find anything that really appeals to me. So that's where the internet comes into use. I check on a regular basis to see if there's anything that I'd like to try or I'll just do random searches with a specific ingredient like chicken to see what will come up. Of course I get overwhelmed when I realize there are soo many things to make with chicken. Well I happened to stumble across this website/blog called and they have tons of recipes to look up. They also have family week meal plans where you get a different meal idea for each day! I had heard of things like this before and they basically give you a grocery list of what to buy but those websites cost. Plus if there's something you don't like on that menu, you've put money into it and kindof lost it in my opinion. Well this option is free! And you can just go through the weeks and pick out what you want to try and kindof arrange your own meal plan for the week. All I did was just print off those recipes and went through the ones I know will work for my family. I also like that not every meal consists of a meat since that can get a little pricey on your grocery bill.
So tonight I tried my 1st recipe called Easy Chicken Stroganoff. It was easy and delicious, but for some reason Ethan put up a fight to eat it but it could just be because he's going through that picky stage right now. I'm determined not to cook several things just to please him. Of course my husband thinks differently but I don't want my kids to think that I'm their slave in the kitchen. But that's a whole other subject. So for now, we're going to see how these meal ideas work out so I'll keep you posted!

Friday, September 10, 2010

The time has come!

Ethan started his 1st day of Preschool on Wednesday. On Tuesday we had gone for orientation and he was able to meet his other classmates and his teacher. We were only there for about an hr and when we left you could just see the excitement in his face. So the next morning when he woke up I told him we had to get ready for school. I had planned to leave around 8:30 because it does take about 20 min to get there. Because Ethan was so excited, he had his shoes on and his back pack on his back at 8:00! He kept saying "Comon Mommy, lets go!" I was trying to occupy him until we had to go but we ended up leaving the house 15 min early anyway. I was able to grab a coffee and drove around a little just to kill sometime.

 When we got there we had time to take a couple of pictures before the school bell rang. Once the door was opened he ran into his room and didn't even look back! I made him give me a kiss goodbye and he just ran right to the toys. It was the cutest thing. So I'd say day 1 of Preschool was a success and I'm so glad that he loves it.