Sunday, June 28, 2009

Someone's in the kitchen...

When Ethan goes to visit his friend Raegan, he loves to play in her little kitchen. He mainly enjoys putting food in the microwave and opens and shuts the door. This usually entertains him for quite some time. Well I have been looking for a tool bench with some kind of doors or gadgets to easily entertain himself with. I usually look at the local consignment shops and check craigslist periodically and I hadn't really been successful.
Well yesterday I thought I would venture out to the consignment shop since I hadn't been there for a while. I came across a tool bench that appeared to be really nice but there really wasn't anything interesting about it. He already has a set of play tools but the play area didn't have anything for him to really push or open. I did however love the fact that it was only $15. I decided to put it on hold and check another store to see if they would have something similar cheaper or better. I didn't end up finding another tool bench but I did find this awesome kitchen set. It too was only $15 but it had 7 doors for him to open and it came with a few plates and silverware. I knew he would love it but I was a little nervous to know what my husband was going to think. He has made it very clear that he doesn't like Ethan playing with "girly" things. I've told him many times that it doesn't matter but he just gives me a look. O but the cool thing about the kitchen is that it's not pink like most of them are, it was actually gray and black. It definitely looks like a little boys kitchen.
Anyways, I decided to make the executive decision to get it b/c it would help me a lot during the day if he would play by himself.
When I brought it home, Ethan's face just lit up and he immediately starting playing with it. He quickly discovered that the stove makes noises & if you push the eye on the stove they make a frying and boiling sound and there's knobs that sound like a timer going off. I had no idea that it did all that so I'm glad that I ended up getting that for him instead of the tool bench play area.
I'm hoping that it'll encourage him to want to be in the kitchen when he gets older so he can cook for his momma! :D
I'll have to post some pictures up of him playing with it if we ever buy a new camera!

Friday, June 19, 2009

The doctor visiIt

So today I had to take Jayden for his 2 month check up and Ethan for his 18 month check up. I knew it was going to be alot of work with 2 kids on my own but I know mom's do it all the time so I tried to not make a big deal about it.
It started off fine until we had to wait in the room until the doctor got there. Ethan kept crawling back in his stroller and pointing towards the door, so I knew he either was trying to tell me that he wanted to leave or he wanted to go for a stroll. After bribing him with juice it held him off for a little while the doctor looked over Jayden.
Jayden ended up weighing 11 lbs and 9 oz which I thought was amazing but apparently it's still in the 25% of his age group. I need to look up Ethan's info from his 2 month check up to see how much different or similar they are. Jayden had to get his immunizations today but he did really well.
Ethan however, haha he's just a handful. He had to get a couple of shots as well, which he did not appreciate. He screamed so loud that my ears were ringing. The nurse even commented that he had a very loud scream. He's just a little dramatic when he gets hurt but I did give him the mommy hug to try and get him to calm down. I tried offering him a cookie and when he turned it down, I knew he felt bad.
By the time I finally got the boys in the car I was extremely exhausted. I had no idea how tired I was until I sat down to breathe. Overall I think they did really well considering but I'm glad it's over.

Friday, June 5, 2009

All about Jayden

Jayden is now 8 weeks old and he has changed so much already! He's the sweetest baby and I've really enjoyed my time with him. He has already developed a personality and is cooing and smiling at me all the time. Whenever I change his diaper and clothes he always smiles at me and just loves when I talk to him. He eats really well and sleeps really well. He has developed a really good routine during the day so I don't have to really worry too much about him. He eats on schedule and is happy when he's awake and then he'll let me know when it's nap time.  He hasn't quite perfected falling asleep on his own. Sometimes he'll fall asleep with me just laying him down and then there are sometimes he just wants me to rock him. He's just my little cuddler and I love it. 
He hasn't quite slept through the night consistently yet but I know it'll come with time. Right now he can stretch his feeding times to 4 hrs at night. So depending what time I go to bed I really only wake up once in the middle of the night and then really early in the morning. Recently he's developed a pattern of waking up at 5:00am which is hard b/c he acts like he's ready to stay up. Once I change his diaper in between the feeding he starts smiling and talking. It's hard not to smile back because it is so cute...even at 5 in the morning. So needless to say he wants to stay awake and I'm just trying to get him to go back to sleep b/c I'm still a zombie. I'm hoping this habit of his fades so that I can get more sleep. Sleep is very precious to me now that I have two kids. I am usually exhausted after dinner time and just ready to go to bed but that's usually Ishmael time so I strive to stay awake as long as my body lets me. I'm hoping once Jayden starts sleeping through the night then I'll get the rest I need to stay awake during the day. I'll probably sneak a nap in every now and then b/c I just love to nap!
Jayden will get his 2 month checkup soon so it'll be interesting how much he has grown. At his 1 month check up he weighed 8lbs 14oz so he gained about 2 lbs within a month. Which I was really impressed b/c with his jaundice he had gotten down to 6lbs 3oz during that 1st week. 
I now realize why God brought Jayden into our lives a lot earlier then what we had planned. Because Ethan is going through his tantrum stage I tend to get frustrated but when I look at Jayden and he's so happy and smiles at me it makes me feel a lot better. So I believe Jayden is here in our lives to get me through this tough time with Ethan because otherwise I think I would be cranky all the time.  So I'm very thankful for both my boys and I am truly blessed to have them in our lives. Even though I may get stressed at times, being a mom is always rewarding.