Monday, November 23, 2009

Puffy cheeks

On Friday I was scheduled to get my wisdom teeth taken out. It was definitley time to have them out since they were fully grown. I wasn't too worried about the surgery as much as I was about Jayden. I am still nursing him and he does not like taking the bottle. We have tried every single bottle that is out there and we've tried sippy cups and the boy just doesn't like it. He did drink from one particular bottle and we were thrilled but he has never drank the whole thing and still wanted to nurse off of me. So you can imagine that I was getting a little stressed out how he was going to handle not being able to nurse from me for at least 24 hrs. For weeks we have been introducing the bottle and formula at least once a day but we never had any success. So when the day of my surgery came he refused to drink from the bottle. I pumped enough to last him most of the day but I was hoping to mix it with formula so he'd get used to it. Well after trying numerous times throughout the day he would never drink from the bottle. Thank goodness he ate his baby food otherwise he would've been really cranky. He wasn't too fussy but he definitely wasn't himself. Amazingly we made it through the day and night but it wasn't easy. And no, he never drank any milk except for like 2 oz. Apparently jayden is pretty stubborn. So I stopped taking my pain med and dealt w/ the pain just so I could nurse him the next day.
I was kindof hoping that I could wean him but apparently he's not ready and I'm ok with that.
Well it's day 4 and my cheeks are still puffy from the surgery. I'm really hoping that the swelling will go down in time for thanksgiving. I want to be able to enjoy our thanksgiving meal!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Brawny Brownies

With Ethan's 2nd birthday coming up I really wanted to make a cake for the kids that wasn't just filled with sugar and somewhat healthy for them to eat. I decided to do this because when Ethan gets sugar in his system he just gets super crazy! Most of the time we avoid giving him any kind of special treat on a regualr basis so when he gets a cookie or a cupcake he devours it. I don't want you to think he never gets any sweets b/c he does...just not everyday. Well I decided to google healthy treats and the Sneaky Chef came up. She has a lot of recipes that she has come up with by pureeing vegetables and sneaking them into the recipes. Well I decided to give her brownies a try because they looked pretty good.
First I had to puree spinach leaves and blueberries together. This is when a food processor would come in handy. I only have a food chopper so it blended it pretty good but it wasn't as smooth as it should have been. So I may invest in one if I decide to do this more often. The other secret ingredient that she uses is oat bran, wheat germ, whole wheat flour and white flour. Then you add the other ingredients like chocolate, sugar, vanilla, etc.
So after baking them for 3o min I sprinkled them with some powdered sugar and gave them a taste. And..they were actually not too bad. I could kindof feel the texture of the spinach in them b/c of it not being finally chopped but you couldn't see it by any means. Of course they don't compare to the Pillsbury or Duncan Hines but they do taste good enough to serve to Ethan and that's all that matters. He thinks he'll be getting a delicious treat when in fact he'll be getting some fruit and vegetables and fiber. How exciting! So I will probably try her cupcake recipe so that I can serve them at his bday party. Hopefully they'll be delicous enough that the adults will eat them too. The funny thing about this is, Ish is my pickiest eater so I'm actually learning how to sneak things so that he'll get his veggies in.
So if you're interested check out the website. She's got some pretty interesting recipes that I think I will continue to try!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Just a few things about the boys

Ethan is a one of a kind. Sometimes I can't help but to compare him to other boys because he is usually the opposite of the others. I love him like crazy but boy is he a handful! He definitely has his sweet moments like when I put him to bed I like to sing Jesus Loves me to him. As I'm singing he just stares at me and tries to sing a long with me. At this point he just mumbling words but it's so cute. He also likes to touch my earings but everytime he touches that area it tickles me so I start laughing. He thinks it's histerical. Then there are his playtime moments when he gets really into playing with his trucks. he could spend hrs playing by himself just moving the trucks around. He likes to line them up in random places like the bottom of the step, the top of his toy chest, his bed, and my favorite, the dishwasher lid. Those are the moments that just make me laugh. Then there is his wild side. When he gets excited he loves to scream. It's not just a little yelp, it's a full blown out, high pitch girly scream. It will literally leave your ears ringing. This is one thing that I really wish he would grow out of b/c it can be a little aggravating at times. He loves to do when I'm driving, nursing, when we're eating dinner and of course when he doesn't get his way. Of course we'll tell him No, and not do it, but this just makes it worse, so I just ignore it most of the time and he'll eventually stop. I could on and on about Ethan but for the most part he has SO much energy and requires a lot of attention. Right now he's struggling with sharing and gets mad when Jayden even touches his toys. So that's a fun stage :)
Jayden is still scooting along and is getting closer to crawling every day. He'll scoot to me when I ask him to and he loves Ethan's trucks and cars. For some reason whenever I put the age appropriate toys out in front of him, he tends to go for Ethan's toys. LIke right now, he is playing with a toy spatula that belongs to Ethan's kitchen lol. Jayden is a very happy boy just like Ethan was at his age. Except Jayden is much more aggressive than Ethan was. It's cute now, but it also makes me very nervous for when he starts getting older. I think he's going to be the boy that gets into everything. Well Jayden is eating pretty good still. He takes like 2 days to get used to a new vegetable so there are some days that he doesn't eat food and I have to nurse more frequently. I've been trying to get him to take formula b/c I'm having to get my wisdom teeth pulled in a couple of weeks. so far it's not going very well. But I did find a bottle that he'll at least take! Anyways, I could ramble on and on and need to get going. That's it for now!