Tuesday, November 30, 2010

And the name is?

Wow I can't believe the time is FINALLY approaching. I feel like this has been the longest pregnancy I've ever had. Maybe it's because I found out when I was only 4 weeks so time seems to be moving slow for me but on the other hand, my baby boy will be here before I know it!
Well Ish and I have finally agreed on a name for our 3rd son. It took lots of thinking and we have been going back and forth for months now. So here's the big reveal: Rylan Jack LaBiosa! From the beginning we thought we were going to name him Christian but just couldn't agree on a middle name and I never had that feeling of, "yes, that's it!" so we continued searching. Until one day, Rylan just came to me. I was thinking where in the world did this name come from and why did it just enter into my head. Well we actually have some friends whose little boy's name is Rylan and so it occured to me that's probably where I remember hearing it. I tried putting the name out of my head b/c I was sure that Ish wouldn't like it or want it epecially since it's his friends boy's name. But as much as I tried, I still continued to love it. So that day, without me knowing, Ish called his friend and asked him if he'd be ok with us naming our son the same as his..and they were totally cool with it. And so after about a week or so of thinking about it, we finally agreed that his name would be Rylan. As far as Jack goes? well..Ish just loves that name and wanted that to be our son's name from the beginning. So I gave in just a little..haha.
It's amazing how difficult it gets when naming your 3rd child, especially if it's the same sex as your others. So to all those people who have already picked out your kids names.. well lets just say that you have it made!