Monday, January 12, 2009

He's a walking machine

Ethan has finally took the plunge and started walking. He doesn't do it all the time but it's getting more consistent every day. I love watching him walk b/c he's not very smooth yet, he kindof walks like a robot. He did kindof start walking really fast yesterday and then lost his footing so that only means that it'll be no time before he's a pro. The cute thing about it is that he knows we get excited everytime he takes a step. He'll squint his face and laugh when he knows we're watching. Yesterday in the nursery, the workers said that they had so much fun being entertained by him. He would walk a few steps, sit down and then clap. They said that he did this for quite a while and had everyone laughing and clapping. That's my boy trying to be the center of attention! He must get that from his daddy b/c he definitley didn't get it from me!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Just a few funny things

So Ethan changes everyday and is always doing something new. As I am with him all day long, I get to witness some pretty funny stuff that no one gets to see but me. I had to share some recent things that probably are just weird or it may make you laugh.
*The other day I was eating some chips and breaking pieces off for Ethan. After about 10 min of this I realized that we had made a mess on the floor. As I was picking up the crumbs and putting them in my hand, Ethan insisted on taking them out of my hand to eat them. Just as I thought he was going to put it in his mouth, he took the small piece of chip and started rubbing it on his legs and across his belly. I just thought this was hilarious b/c in my mind I'm thinking, "what in the world are you doing?" Apparently he must have been able to feel the sharp edge of the chip through his clothes and thought it felt good to him. At least that's the only conclusion I could come up with, but either way it makes for a great story.
*Ever since Ethan was a baby he has loved soft blankets around his face. Sometimes when he's playing and he sees his blanket he'll grab it and just rub his face into it. There are times when he'll just roll around on the floor with it. Well anyway, we have a throw blanket on our sofa and I was sitting there watching tv when Ethan crawls over to me and just takes a piece of my blanket, clutches it in his hand and begins to lightly rub it across his lip. He did this for a while and as he rubs it back and forth he hums. It makes me smile just thinking about it.
*Ethan took his 1st steps on his own on Christmas morning. It was a great suprise! Ever since then, he's been taking a few steps here and there on his own. He loves to walk holding our hands and is just now getting brave enough to do it on his own. While he's been learning to walk, he's become and expert in crawling. I'm assuming since he wants to not crawl anymore but is too afraid to walk on his own, he has started walking on his knees. At times he will walk on his knees completely across the room. It's quite impressive but I wonder if he knows that he could get there much faster by either crawling or walking...apparently not =)
*Once Ethan gets bored with his toys down stairs, we'll make our way upstairs to change the scenery. I'll sit in my rocking chair while he plays in his room. It's a great way for me to just lift up my feet and read a book while he's in lala land. Well one of the things that he does on a consistent basis is that he loves to move objects from one place to another. Whether it's a toy in a basket and moves it to another basket or in this case, he puts things in his diaper pale. I know what you are thinking...gross! But how can I say no don't touch that when he enjoys moving the handle back and forth so much! He will be so entertained for the longest time by just taking the small books and putting them in the pale and trying to flip the handle. He can never get it to turn all the way (thank goodness) but it is amusing to watch him move these books back and forth from the basket to the pale. By the way, the pale is santitized.
So these are just a few of my funny stories of what goes on during the day when I'm home with Ethan. I'm sure he'll just continue to amuse me as he discovers new things!