Friday, May 28, 2010

Give me some puddin!

Just a random blog but today I had gotten hungry for a little snack and went for the jello pudding snack that I had bought recently. I usually try not to eat anything chocolate or sweet in front of the kids because of course they're going to want some. But today I was feeling a little generous and figured a little bite here and there wouldn't bother anyone. Jayden was up from his nap and Ethan was still sleeping so this is usually our bonding time together. He was playing with his toys and I had gotten up, grabbed the pudding and quickly sat back down. This didn't go unnoticed by Jayden at all. He quickly crawled to my side and started to do his begging lol. So I proceeded to give him a few bites. After I finished it, I just thought I'd give him the cup and let him go at it. This was the end result..which it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.

I was trying to get a good picture of him with it all over his face but everytime I took it he'd move closer to the camera and tried to touch it. So the cup is covering his messy face!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Baby news

So it's true. Baby #3 is on its way! I still can't believe we're going to be adding another addition to our family by the end of this year! We have been in shock and denial for about a month now but we are very excited too. I am thankful that God chose to me to bring these wonderful babies into the world and I am so blessed to be their mommy. My life is about to get even more a good way of course.
We are hoping that this baby is a girl, but of course if it's a boy we'll keep him :) Ish doesn't want to find out the sex and wants it to be a suprise. I however must know! Especially if it's a girl. I told him I'd think about we'll see.
So far this pregnancy has been different then my other two. I've experienced extreme nauseau in the 1st 6 weeks and spent most my days laying on the couch. Poor Ethan watched a lot of tv those days :( I never left my house w/o a pack of saltines. I even went online and bought some ginger tea, ginger candy, and preggie pops which are sour candies that help w/ nauseau. They're actually really good. Now that I'm moving into the 2nd trimester I'm not as sick as I had been feeling. I do however usually get nauseaus in the evening when I go to bed. The doctor gave me a prescription of pills to take for the nauseau and it seems to help a little. Not sure why I never got prescribed this the 1st time I was pregnant! Anyway so that's the big news in the LaBiosa family!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Mother's Day to me!

Mother's day started off with me feeling sick so I had made up my mind that I was just going to stay home and take it easy. Ishmael had to collect donations at the church for mom's in Haiti so he left early that morning. Around 9:00 I started to feel a little better and proceded to get ready for the day. Ish called me and asked me if I'd seen the porch that morning. I was assuming that the crazy wind from the day before had blown leaves and pollen all over our porch after we'd just cleaned it off. So with that said, didn't rush to go look at the porch. Well at the last minute, I decided to get the boys ready for church and was rushing out the door to get there on time. When I opened the door he had a rose bush and a gerber daisy plant w/ a card sitting on the porch. I was so suprised and it just really made my day. We had been wanting to plant a rose bush in our flower garden and so now everytime I'll look at the roses, it'll remind me of Mother's Day!
Once I got to church, the church was offering up free family pictures. So we headed over to the gym to get our picture taken. It ended up taking longer than I thought it would so by the time we were getting ready to drop off the boys in the nursery I was starving. I still wasn't feeling the best so I wasn't sure I wanted to sit through church with a hungry and queesy stomach. So we decided to just grab some lunch and head home. Ish also had to record a recital that afternoon so I wanted us to have as much time w/ him as we could. Well that afternoon consisted of the boys napping and me laying on the couch watching movies. I couldn't had asked for a more relaxing afternoon. Once Ish got home we decided to order in so I wouldn't have to cook (that's Ish's way of cooking hehe) then we loaded up the boys and headed out for some ice cream. Then we ended the evening shopping at the new Kroger lol. Overall I had a great day even though Ish had to work most of it. I'm just glad he remembered to spoil me a little.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The day that would never end

Shew! What a day! Today started off with me waking up with a scratchy throat. For some reason, when my throat hurts, my whole body hurts. Not sure why that is...Anway, Ish had to work a wedding this afternoon so he ended up leaving around 11:30 which meant I had to come up with something to keep the boys occupied. You'd think it wouldn't be such a big deal since I'm home with them everyday but for some reason the weekends are different. It's like they know that their daddy is supposed to be there and when he isn't, they go completely haywire. So, after lunch went for a walk in the neighborhood in their wagon. At the corner of our street, a church was having a mini carnival that seemed to be open to the public. I decided to take the boys and check it out. They had lots of different games for kids to play and win prizes and free snow cones, cotton candy, and popcorn. Ethan was so overwhelmed by all the other children that it was really hard to get him to focus on something. Half the time he would just stand and stare. I did manage to get him to play a few games but like I said, he just wasn't his hyper self. Meanwhile, Jayden was getting very ansy just sitting in the wagon. Right now he's at the stage that he wants to walk everywhere but has to hold on to me. This can be a little challenging when trying to get Ethan to follow me when Jayden just wants to take off. If I take control, Jayden always throws a fit. That boy loves to have his way and if he doesn't get it, then watch out.
After playing a few games and getting some prizes, I thought I'd let Ethan try some cotton candy for the 1st time. Suprisingly he wasn't a fan. I tried giving some to Jayden but he just thought it was fuzz and threw it down. So, that meant more for me! Then I thought I'd get him a snow cone to see if he'd like that but Ethan wasn't interested. While I was getting Ethan's attention to get back in the wagon, I had sat the snow cone in the cupholder. Well I shouldve known better b/c Jayden got into it. Instead of him trying to drink it, he decided to put his hands in it and throw the ice all over his pants. What a mess he was! Good thing the house was just a block down the road b/c that's where we headed after that incident. Once we got home I had to clean Jayden up so I took him inside. This is when he threw a major tantrum that I've never seen him do. It was so bad that I couldn't even hold him b/c of how he was throwing his body. So, I figured he was extremely tired and needed to go down for a nap. Once I put him down, me and Ethan got our bathing suits on and headed to the back yard.
Ethan loves to play with water and especially loves the water hose. So I got my lounge chair out and handed him the water hose and let him at it while I soaked up some rays.  This was the only relaxing part of my day and little did I know that I shouldve enjoyed it more.
Well to make a very long story a little shorter, Ethan didn't take his afternoon nap and in the midst of getting him to sleep, he woke up Jayden. Then for the past 2 hrs it's like my body just shut down. My throat started to really bother me and all I wanted to do was lay down but this wasn't going to happen. So out of frustration, I packed a diaper bag, got the boys shoes on and loaded them into the car. Went to McD's and got a frappe (which they taste just like starbucks but $2 cheaper) and we headed to the park. It was the best decision I had. All of us needed some fresh air apparently. We didn't stay very long b/c Jayden started to get cranky again b/c of his lack of a long nap. So we headed back home and I started to cook dinner. Tried laying Jayden down...not happening. The boys ate dinner, bathed them and both of them acted very sleepy. It was only 6:30 when I tried putting them to bed. I was just thinking that they would for sure go to bed, but I was wrong. So we read some books, watched some tv, played a little and tried again. Because Ethan was upset, it kept Jayden up so attempt #2 didn't work either. Brought them both down, gave them a snack and some juice and tried again. This time I put Jayden down 1st and let him get settled. Success! Then I managed to clean up the kitchen while Ethan watched a movie. When it was over...layed him down and finally at 8:30, he was asleep. A sigh of relief. There's nothing like the feeling of peace after a very long day that seemed to have one bad thing after another.

So do I miss my husband at times like these? You betcha! Thank goodness everyday isn't like this and I definitely was being tested. I'm just thankful that I have my Savior who I can go to in these stressful times and pray to get through them!
Good night everybody!