Sunday, August 30, 2009

Baby dedication

Today was Jayden's baby dedication. From the moment Ethan woke us up at 7am we have been moving nonstop. My inlaws were coming to the dedication so we spent most of our Saturday cleaning the house. Well Sunday mornings are very hectic for us and for some reason the house usually gets destroyed in the process of us getting ready. So while I'm trying to nurse, shower, get the boys dressed, get my husband to hurry up, I am running around the house picking up toys, cleaning the kitchen, and tidying up. We had planned on getting to church around 9:30 for sunday school and to meet Ish's parents but we didn't leave the house until 10:00. I couldn't believe how long it was taking us to get to church. Since we had to be at the certain area around 10:30 we decided to pass on Sunday school. Meanwhile, Jayden was kidnapped by his grandparents and loving every bit of it. Ethan was getting very anxious and wanting to just run around as usual. When we finally got on stage, Jayden was so exhausted from all the excitement that he slept through the whole thing. Ethan belted out a few exciting screams but thankfully it was before we got to the pastor. I wish Jayden could've been awake during his dedication b/c it would have made for a great picture but I was glad that he was able to get a little sleep seeing that it was his nap time but I think it lasted about 15min.. Well b/c of that Jayden was completely off schedule all day and was a little restless. He was still his happy self but you could tell he was just over stimulated at times. But I tried not to worry about it and just went with the flow of things so that his grandparents could enjoy his company.

After church we had a big lunch at home and Jayden received his 1st bible and a couple of other gifts from his grandparents. Because Jayden is starting to really look at things now, it was cute seeing him look very interested in his new toys.

So after an exciting day with family, the boys were just exhausted and went right to bed. Gotta love those nights!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What would you have done?

So this past week the wonderful stomach bug has been passed around our family. Last week Ethan had it and then 5 days later, I got it. Without giving too many details I was just extremely nauseaus for 2 days. Well just when I was kindof getting over it, the bug hits my husband at 3am. So on Monday he literally laid in bed ALL day and slept. On Saturday when I was feeling at my worst, nauseas, weak, extremely tired, Ish had to leave to go work a wedding that evening. So I was stuck taking care of both kids by myself. It wasn't easy but somehow God got me through it. I say this b/c I wasn't able to "sleep" it off and I don't think my body was able to heal properly.
So anyways, back to the story--Monday I woke up actually feeling descent & was able to eat a little throughout the day. By the evening I felt really good and was able to do plenty stuff around the house. Meanwhile we were out of groceries and I had nothing healthy to eat in the house for me or Ethan. I normally do my grocery shopping in the evening so I can concentrate on what I'm doing and since I have coupons it takes me a while. So no kids! Well I wanted to take advantage of Ish being home so I could just run to the store w/o the kids. Well needless to say because of all the chaos I wasn't able to get out until about 8:00 that night.
So... (I know you're thinking just get to the point already!) I head to Walmart, had my list & coupons and was on a mission. Well b/c we were out of water at home I was completely dehydrated and so I decided that a sweet tea would be really good to drink. I stoppy by chickfila and chugged the sweet tea b/c I was so thirsty. After taking a few sips too fast I realized that I probably shouldn't push my luck. Well sure enough as soon as I got to Walmart and started shopping I felt really nauseated. I just started rushing through my list so I could get in and get out. So finally I was done and went to get in line and noticed that there were only about 8 lanes open and everyone in Lynchburg was in them with huge carts full of groceries. Aggravated I got in line behind 3 ppl. At this point I was feeling really overwhelmed and really sick. All that was going through my mind was that I was going to have to puke soon and how embarrassing that was going to be in front of all these ppl. I tried to keep my mind off of it, but I started sweating and getting really nervous. So I just left my cart in the line, grabbed my purse and went to the bathroom. OF COURSE they had the womans bathroom closed to extreme cleaning. HA just my luck. Ok now I was really getting worried b/c what was I going to do? My stomach wasn't getting any better and the line was moving any faster. Finally the thought of me just ditching my cart and heading home seamed like the best option. I kept debating it in my head over and over and thinking that I could wait and get through this but seriously there were a lot of ppl ahead of me with a lot of groceries and I really didn't think I could make it.
So what did I do? I drove my cart in an aisle and walked away. I know! I'm such a bad person! All the way home I felt so mad that I couldn't get the groceries that we desperately needed at home and I still felt like I was going to puke any minute. But of course when I got home that feeling turned down a notch and just was nauseas the rest of the evening.
I felt so bad about leaving my cart full of groceries but I didn't know what else to do. I was worrying myself to death thinking I was going to puke in front of everyone at any moment. So I ask you..What would you have done if that were you in the position?? Just curious!

Ok so just to show you how complicated my life is I had planned on getting up around 5 and heading to the store before everyone woke up. At 4:55 Jayden woke up to eat which was actually a good thing b/c I could put him right back to sleep when he was done. At 5:00 am Ethan woke up screaming and Ish hops right out of bed and grabs him and brings him in our room. "Ugh" was my initial reaction. As Ethan layed in our bedroom talking and whining that he wanted juice, I thought I'd still get ready to go to the store. But of course as I started to I began to feel sick again so I just stopped. Meanwhile, I had to give Ethan something to drink and ended up feeding him breakfast at 6am. Around 6:30 he acted really sleepy so I put him to bed and surprisingly he went to sleep without a fuss. I was so tired so I just took that opportunity to sleep myself. Ish decided to take another day off to recover and so I was able to go to the store around 8:30 with the boys still asleep. Thank the Lord!
I was so happy to finally have food in the house again. And within 2 hrs of being home, Ethan had blueberries, string cheese, apples, carrots, and chicken nuggets to eat. He just kept eating and eating. Haha I guess he was sick of eating chicken noodle soup and crackers. I know I am!