Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sleepy baby

Just wanted to fill you in on our progress with getting Jayden sleeping through the night. We did start it a couple of weeks ago and didn't even get passed the 1st night. He cried for a solid hour with me checking on him every 5 min and he never calmed down. I wasn't sure how long he was supposed to cry before he would fall asleep so I just gave in and nursed him. And of course he went right to sleep and woke up again in 4 hrs. I waited 1o min before I went in the room and just layed in his room to see if he would calm down. I went back and forth from my room to his w/i an hr's time and he just wouldn't have it. So once again I gave in. The next day I was a little distraught from hearing Jayden scream and from also giving into his cries. I was so determined that I wanted him sleeping through the night that I was willing to do whatever it took to get him passed this. I just wasn't really prepared for him to cry that much. With Ethan it was 3o min tops and we had it perfected within 2 days. So needless to say I haven't tried this method in a couple of weeks.
When I went in for his 9 month check up I asked the doctor's opinion just to get reassurance and he said it could take up to 3 hrs of him crying like that. Once I get passed that point it will get better. Ugh it's soo hard. Especially when it's 2 am. But he also said that they usually stop after 2 hrs and it will get easier each time you do it.
So after reviewing the information on how to sleep train your child, I realized that it will prob be better for my husband to do more then me. One reason is that Jayden knows that Ish can't give him milk so maybe he won't cry as long. We'll see. I think we're going to try it again this weekend. It's definitely easier said then done. I just continue to pray for strength each time. The thing is, not only is it satisfying for me to get 8hrs of uninterrupted sleep again but it's also better for him. Babies need their sleep. And they always act better when they get the rest they need. So I'll try and keep you posted on our progress!! Pray for us!

A Bunko night!

A couple of months ago a couple of my friends and I had gotten together and started discussing about starting a Bunko group. For those of you who don't know what the game Bunko is, it's basically a dice game that involves 12 players, 3 tables, score cards and prizes. There are actually a lot of rules to this game and can tend to get a little overwhelming so we decided to tweak the rules a little just to make it more simpler. For instance the goal is to roll 3 1's which is Bunko. But if you get 2 of a kind out of the 3 dice then that is considered 1 pt. and you can continue to roll if you keep getting pts. If you got nothing, then just pass it to the next player. It goes pretty fast since you just continue roll over and over. Once someone actually gets Bunko then that round is over or if someone reaches 21pts 1st. There are 3 rounds and whoever at that table wins the most games then they move to the next table. Because it's a big group and we're split up in 4's, it's a way to kindof talk to everyone. I know it may sound confusing but it really is a lot of fun. So at the end of the game we get hand out the prizes. We decided to change the rules on this and just have each girl bring a $10 gift relating to the theme whatever the host chooses. Oh yeh I forgot to mention that each girl has to host it at their house. Well, this month it was my turn to host and the theme for gifts that I chose were scarves. We only get together once a month to play so needless to say we all look really forward to a much needed girl night.
Anyway, all the girls brought some really cute scarves and so we were all really excited about choosing our prize. The way we choose is whoever won the most bunko's, games, host, etc.
Here's a few pics of our fun night!
The display of our cute scarves that we all brought!
Me and my new scarf!
The Bunko group!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thoughts on the flood

So Ish and I received a one year Bible for Christmas and so we've decided that we are going to try and read through the entire Bible in a year. It seems easy enough but it's actually really hard b/c I've personally already have struggled with being too tired to read one day and so it's very easy to get behind. With that said, I was reading the passage in Genesis about Noah and the flood. I have heard this story over and over as a kid and have read it many times but last night as I was reading something occured to me. I found it interesting that God decided to flood the earth because of the sin and wickedness of the world. It's just strange to think of how much sin there really was from when He created the world until Noah's day. Was it as bad as it is today? It's just bizarre to think that it had to be really bad for God to get so angry and destroy all that he had created. Gen 6:5-7 says that God regretted that He had made man on the earth and had grief in his heart. I never knew that God regretted creating man. Imagine how he must feel toward man today.
On a sidenote, Ish and I were watching the history chanel about a month ago and this woman was in this desert that had fossils of whales. Also the sand was formed like it had been under the water and she mentioned that as well. Anway, after reading the story of the flood it occured to me that the desert she was at and all the fossils she found was probably from the flood. Because God flood the whole earth the Bible said it took like 7 months for the water to go down. Imagine all the sea creatures that were in the flood that were probably spread all over the place and when the waters went down, some of them died b/c they weren't in the ocean. Anyway, that's my thought and not sure if it's correct but it definitely got me thinking. It also got me excited to keep reading more of God's word. I'm definitely looking forward to learning more things from scripture that I've read many times growing up. It's amazing what God will teach you.
well just thought I'd share my thoughts and would love to know your thoughts on this if you got any!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Jayden-9 months

Jayden will be 9 months next week and all I can think about is that he'll be 1 in 3 months! He seems to be growing up so much faster than Ethan! Maybe b/c Ethan keeps me super busy that I don't even have time to think most days. Anyway so just wanted to fill in on Jayden's milestones. He has been scooting around since he was 5 months old and still hasn't mastered crawling yet. I have a feeling he may just skip crawling all together b/c he gets around pretty fast by just using his arms. He's a pro at army crawling. Just recently he has started to pull up on things and standing up. I 1st noticed it when I was getting ready to put him in the bath tub and I sat him on the bathroom floor while I attended to Ethan and then I looked down and he was standing up. It's the cutest thing. I had forgotten how exciting it is when babies do things for the 1st time. Jayden also likes to blow raspberry's quite often. It's hilarious when he and Ethan go back and forth with it.
Jayden isn't quite sleeping through the night yet but we're going to work on that starting tomorrow. He does really well with going down at naptime and bedtime but he continues to wake up after 3 hrs and wants to be fed. So I'm going to have to be tough and not feed him everytime in the middle of the night. It's actually really hard b/c he's a loud crier and so I worry he's going to wake up Ethan. But I'm tired of not getting a full nights rest so I'm going to get tough.
He is eating baby food really well and has started to eat finger foods. He seems very interested in food and would eat anything I give him. I've already given him food that I didn't introduce Ethan until he was a year old. He's a good eater and I'm so glad that it's one less thing to stress over.
Well I think that's it for now. Jayden is a very happy baby and only cries when he's ready to take a nap and of course when he's hungry. Other times, he's laughing and playing! He's such a sweet boy and loves to cuddle and be loved on. I think I kiss his cheeks at least 20x's a day. I just can't help it, they're irresistable and he's so darn cute! I'm really enjoying this time with him as he grows up b/c I know it'll be gone before I know it!